Editorial: Support the Montgomery Area Food Bank

The Montgomery Area Food Bank has its own summer drought - monetary and food donations this time of year wane and it does impact our community.

The Food Bank serves over 250,000 needy Alabamians every year;  four out of every ten are children and one in ten are elderly on fixed incomes.

These needy people receive  the  food through 700 partner agencies across 25 counties either directly or through satellite food banks in Dothan, Auburn and Selma.

They receive it free of charge, with no strings attached.

The service of  this  agency has been remarkable over the past 20 years.  They provide eight pounds of nutritious food for every dollar donated.  They are a model of efficiency.

The need is greater than ever - nearly 40% of households receiving food include at least one working adult.  More than 15% of the people in our state live in poverty.

We salute the Montgomery Area Food Bank for their service to our local communities and all of you who have donated to them.