Macon Country Sheriff's Office Make Murder Arrest

Delphine Jackson's family has waited eight months for this day. "It's going to be a long hard road, but we'll make it," said her sister Gloria Pridgen.

Last November, Jackson was reported missing after she didn't show up for work. A few days later, Jackson's son and his father found her body in the woods off County Road Two. "We're mending," says Pridgen.

Pridgen and her family went months with no answers. She says, "It was hard."

Then Thursday, investigators announced they had made an arrest in the case. Hampton Lawrence who is Jackson's distant cousin. "Now days, people will do anything," says Pridgen.

Pridgen says the arrest brings the family some closure. Now she wants to see justice served. She says, "I won't say the death penalty because that won't bring my sister back. I do hope he gets what he deserves."

The family says they believe robbery was the motive. Investigators aren't releasing details of the case, but say they are confident they have the right person. They'll present their evidence to a grand jury in August. The Macon County Sheriff's Office, the ABI and the Shorter Police Department joined forces to work the case.

Lawrence was already in the Macon County Jail on unrelated charges.