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Lowndes County Mourns Sheriff's Death

The flags in Lowndes county aren't as high up on the pole as they usually are, an office underneath the courthouse is now empty, and a community mourns the loss of their sheriff.

Authorities found fifty-eight year old Willie Vaughner Friday night unconscious on the floor of his home--the victim of an apparent heart attack.   He was rushed to Baptist South Hospital in Montgomery by paramedics and fellow officers.

"I was in my police car, escorting the ambulance.   I was in front of the car, and we arrived at the same time.    I was there with the family the whole time," explained Chief Deputy John Williams of the Lowndes County Sheriff's Department.

As friends received word of Vaughner's death, many looked back on the man behind the uniform--as well as the good times during his fourteen year tenure as County Sheriff.

"He was my boss.   He was my friend first, but he was my boss--and you couldn't ask for a better person than that," Deputy Leroy Yelder said.

Those who knew Sheriff Vaughner say the chain that represents the community here in Lowndes county is now missing an important link.  The Sheriff's Office says they've suffered a huge loss.

"He was a fond person to be around.  He loved his job and what he was doing," Williams said.

So now, a community mourns the loss an influential figure taken too soon--a man that left a lasting impression on those around him.

"He helped a lot of people," Yelder explained.

Chief Deputy John Williams takes over Vaughner's duties for now, until Governor Riley appoints a replacement for the late sheriff.

Funeral arrangements for Vaughner have not yet been made public.


Reported by:  Cody Holyoke

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