Tallassee Teacher is a Class Act

"I love Tallassee High School. I graduated from Tallassee High School. I would not teach anywhere else," says Susan Davidson. She's been a part of the school for more than 30 years. Four as a student, and 29 as a social studies teacher. Students say she makes American government relevant to them.

"Before this I never liked history, but with Ms. Davidson it's a lot easier," says 10th grader Tasha Cole. Classmate J. D. Clemons adds, "The last few weeks, she taught us a good bit about the amendments and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and all those."

Reporting to the same job everyday for 29 years may be beyond the grasp of many of us, but Davidson says she's loved it; and that each day presents new challenges. Her teaching style has changed through the years. "I've tried to expand more. We do more projects, we do more hands-on activities, where it used to we didn't have the facilities to do that. When I started teaching the money was just not there to do a lot of things like that," she says.

Guidance counselor Gloria Rowe says, "she has taught most of the social studies courses that have been offered in this school. She has sponsored many of the clubs and has given of herself just untiringly. So she is beloved to us."

During Davidson's career at the school she's sponsored the student council, chaired the budget committee and social studies department. Now she's teaching the children of some of her former students.