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Editorial: Better Roads in Alabama

Ten years ago Alabama ranked in the top 10 in the country in highway quality.

Now we rank in the bottom 10.

We rank in the bottom three in percentage of miles of urban and rural interstate in poor condition.

Our tremendous growth the past 10 years is part of the reason for this situation.

Attracting new businesses has had great upside for the state but it has taxed our highway system as more goods and services than ever before are being transported.

The time is right for a comprehensive transportation plan to position ourselves to not only deal with our current growth, but continue to grow.

Perhaps businesses can stagger work hours to decrease the number of vehicles on the roads during certain crunch times or even encourage more working from home?

Perhaps more toll roads or truck only routes should be established.

Maybe it's time to invest more deeply in mass transit to provide an alternative to the everybody drives to work in a car situation we have now.

Wouldn't it be great to be more like some counties, where bikes and scooters are the preferred mode of transportation. Perhaps we can set a new national trend here.

Our highways are wearing out faster than we can fix them. The backbone of our economy depends on a great highway system.

State lawmakers can be a big help by making transportation improvement a priority.

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