Check Culprits Strike Again

This isn't the first time you've met this couple.

Since June, they've been burning a hot trail for investigators hitting banks from Wetumpka to Eclectic, Opelika, Prattville, Millbrook and even in Montgomery.

Authorties say the scam is the same each time, they steal the checks and cash them in for personal services like dry-wall repair and catering, all under a false name.

Prattville Investigator Ron Boles say, "They are very calm when they go into the banks. When they come in they don't have a care in the world, they just walk in take the money and walk back out."

The first time we introduced you to the check culprets, they cashed in on more than$2,000 in Wetupmka and Millbrook with personal checks.

Since then, they've taken checks from a car dealership in Montgomery, and cashed them in at a bank in Prattville for an alleged return on a down-payment.

So help investigators...and keep your eye out for this quick-handed couple, before they hit a bank near you.

If you know this couple please call 215 STOP.