Editorial: Vicious Cycle

The cycle continues.

Bonds are set low.  Criminals out on bond commit more crime.

Prisons are overcrowded.  Judges reduce jail time.  Criminals who should be in jail commit more crime.

Montgomery's first homicide this year was committed by someone awaiting sentencing for attempted murder.

Three more homicides this past week were innocent children victimized by their father, who should have been in jail when he committed those crimes.

Frustration grows daily by business owners and home owners impacted by break-ins.

There are nearly 30,000 inmates in Alabama now, an all-time high.

Dealing with the many complex issues impacting crime will take a systematic approach involving many constituencies.

Whether crime is up or down isn't the issue.

Coming up with a multi-layered approach to curbing it is what is important.

Let's talk about that and deal with it.