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Dream Diet Could Actually Work, If You're Sleeping.

If you dream of loosing weight overnight, then get more of the right kind of sleep.

Jose Loredo, a doctor at UCSD Sleep Medicine Center says, "Those people who slept 6 hours or less tended to be more obese or more overweight."

Doctor Loredo and other prominent researchers around the country have discovered two hormones, released while you sleep, that regulate your hunger and control your appetite after you wake up.

First is Grhelin. 

It's a hormone that is produced by the stomach. When someone does not sleep long enough, it can increase your appetite.

The second hormone, made in fat cells, is called Leptin.

Dr. Loredo says, "Leptin is a hormone that suppresses appetite or controls appetite and when someone doesn't sleep long enough, leptin tends to decrease."

So, when you skimp on sleep, it has a double trouble effect.

As your ghrelin hormone level rises it increases your hunger.

At the same time, your leptin level drops so there's not enough of it to control your appetite when you wake up.

"The end result," Dr. Leredo says, "when you don't sleep long enough or well enough, there's a tendency to wake up sleepy, but hungry!"

It's not just the quantity of sleep that matters, quality matters too.

People with sleep apnea or people with poor quality of sleep who are obese tend to have a harder time loosing weight, according to Leredo.

Breathing devices can help cure sleep apnea and in turn help control weight gain.

The third reason you need your rest sleep experts say is because lack of sleep tends to decrease your body temperature.

You become more likely to eat sweets and carbs to heat up your metabolism.

Still, your diet doesn't start in the kitchen suggests Dr. Loredo.

It begins in the bedroom.

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