Editorial: Feedback

You had plenty to say regarding recent editorials.

Concerning merging the city and county government, James Lucci emailed:

"I don't think combining the city police and the county deputies is such a good idea.  I'm not sure the country roads are adequately patrolled now.  I see 18 wheelers on Woodley Road and Trotman Lane, which have posted limits of 29 tons on the bridges.  I believe BOTH the city and county police forces need to be beefed up."

Concerning addressing transportation needs, including better roads for our state that saw an increase in traffic deaths to over 1,200 last year while the national number of traffic fatalities declined, Lamar Smith emailed:

"I agree that we need to maintain the roads but I disagree we should consider toll roads.  Our experience with toll bridges should tell us we don't need toll roads."

Another person ruled out the bikes and mopeds idea due to crime concerns and mass transit due to lack of population density and suggested traffic could be alleviated on interstates with more through streets leading from one side of the city into downtown.

Concerning our editorial on the legislature's unfinished business, Dianne Nabors emailed:

"They (State Senators) finally accomplished something, on the last day of the session - a FIST FIGHT! They all owe the voters an apology for one thing or another (the raise, non-productivity, fighting and bickering all the time, to name a few).     Voters should give them all a no confidence vote by electing a replacement for each and every one of them at the end of their terms.  Shame on all of them.  They should be remembered as the do nothings."

We appreciate your comments and welcome your feedback and editorial suggestions!