Troy Doctors Attempt to Buy Hospital

With recent financial trouble, the Troy Regional Medical Center needs a new owner.  Originally, Montgomery's InMed Group, Inc.  planned to buy the complex from Attentus Healthcare, the current owners--until some local doctors got involved.

At a Troy city council meeting in June, hospital staff members showed their opposition to the deal.  Mayor Jimmy Lunsford explained the situation to WSFA 12 News as an educated decision.

"I'm not sure any of the doctors had a specific complaint about the InMed corporation itself.  It was just that this group of doctors wanted to have local ownership," Lunsford explained.

Last week, InMed Group, Inc.  pulled out of negotiations with Attentus, citing the group of doctors as a main reason for the change of heart.

On Thursday, the LLC created by the doctors sent their letter of intent to the owners of the hospital, stating in writing that they're ready to start negotiations to get the hospital back on its feet.

"Our hospital is vitally important to our community, and to the economic development efforts of our community," said Marsha Gaylord of the Pike County Economic Development office.

With the nearest hospital in close to 50 miles in either direction, Mayor Lunsford says that something needs to be done--either by the group of doctors or another company.

"I wish them well.   I pledge the support of the city in any way we can to make that happen.   If it doesn't happen, and we're back [to where we started] again, then I'll work with whomever," explained Lunsford.

Either way, the need for a medical presence in Pike County is strong.  Officials say that--one way or another--the medical center will stay right where it is.

"We feel very secure that this hospital will continue to be a very viable facility in this community," Gaylord said.

None of the doctors--or an attorney for the group--would comment on the letter sent to the current owners of the hospital due to a confidentiality agreement.

However, the group does tell WSFA 12 News they're hopeful they'll get the support they need to get the sale off the ground.

Reported by:  Cody Holyoke