Hands Free Cell Phone Co-pilot

The Co-Pilot claims that it can make any cell phone hands free. You can even hear the calls through your car radio by tuning into 96.1 that number may sound familiar to some, it's the frequency for Alice 96.1 a local radio station.  It's very easy to use... No installation, no extra cables to connect just plug it in and start talking. After plugging the unit into the cigarette lighter, you place the cell phone in the cradle. Then place the audio cup over the ear piece...tune your radio to 96.1 and dial. About the Alice radio station...if it's one of your favorites, not to worry you'll still be able hear it... Just not as long as the Co-Pilot is plugged in! It's a  pretty good product at a reasonable price... and to top it off "It Works!"

The Co-Pilot cost $29.99.