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Wall Street Jitters? Expert on Hand

Last week was Wall Street's worst in nearly five years.

So the when the market opened this morning all eyes were on that all important ticker.

Some analysts say they expect to see some bargain hunting.

Fritz Meyer of AIM Investments says, "I think it's giving a chance to buy high quality at a couple of points less than what we had to pay several days ago."

The housing market got much of the blame for last week's 4.2 percent drop in the Dow.

However, this week it will be profit reports from heavyweights like General Motors, Proctor & Gamble and Verizon that could make or break the market, as well as a government report Tuesday on consumer income and spending.

Some analysts say the key word is volatility.

Randy Frederick of Charles Schwab says, "We're going to continue to see hundred and maybe 200 point down days and up days, so there's a lot of sideways movement."

That will mean little comfort for those whose portfolios are pinned to Wall Street's wild mood swings. 

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