Montgomery Public School Dress Code

The Communications Office has received information that may lead some parents to believe MPS is going to require all schools to wear uniforms in the coming year.

While there are some major changes to the dress code, only those schools with uniforms last year will have uniforms this year.

Here are the highlights of the changes to the dress code for the coming year:

  • Only one belt may be worn.
  • Shorts/Skirts/Skorts must be no higher than two inches (2") from the crease in the back of the knee.
  • Slits in skirts/dresses must meet the 2" regulation.
  • Students must wear shoes that cover their feet. No bedroom slippers or flip flops.
  • The principal will be the final arbiter at the school.
  • On special occasions, principals may designate days when dress for students may be adjusted.
  • School administration may require that shirts and blouses be tucked in.
  • Bare mid-riff, see-through or low-cut blouses/shirts are considered a violation.
  • Hats, caps, headbands, sweat bands, bandanas, visors, and sunglasses must be removed and placed in the locker or designated area and remain there during the school day (except for health and/or religious reasons, which must be approved in advance by the administration).
  • For safety reasons, visual piercing jewelry will be limited to ears only. Hoops larger than one inch will not be allowed.
  • Jewelry which includes long necklaces, accessories with spikes or chains, heavy medallions, removable dental grills, heavy bracelets, and large finger rings, will not be allowed.
  • Students are to wear clothing that fits properly. Pants must be worn at the waist (no sagging).
  • Clothing must be clean with no open holes above the knee. No shredded clothing will be allowed.
  • Oversized or undersized clothing, including skirts, blouses, dresses, pants, or shirts is prohibited.
  • No clothing shall be worn inside out; suspenders/braces shall be fastened and belts buckled.
  • Jumper-style uniforms must be worn with a uniform shirt/blouse.
  • Insignias, buttons, and clothing which promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, vulgarities, violence, illegal activity, or are demeaning to other persons, may not be worn at school.

Students who refuse to abide by the new policy will be referred to the school's administration.

First Violation: Parent will be contacted and required to take corrective action.

Second Violation: Student will receive a one-day detention and parent will be requested to bring appropriate apparel/shoes.

Third Violation : Student will receive a one-day out-of-school suspension.

Fourth Violation : Student will receive an out-of-school suspension not to exceed five days.

Parents with questions about the new policy should contact their school's principal or the PALS office at 223-6850.