Covering Dale County: Ozark Murders Go Unsolved For 8 Years And Counting

Two crosses still mark the spot on Herring Avenue in Ozark where J.B. Beasley and Tracie Hawlett were found shot to death. It is an agonizing mystery for their parents but also to Ozark Police Chief Tony Spivey.

"8 years is a long time. We're still looking for the right information," said Spivey.

This much investigators know. The girls were trying to find a party not far from Ozark but they apparently got lost. They were last seen at a convenience store asking for directions to get back home to Dothan. Less than a mile away, both were found shot to death.

Spivey says they have plenty of DNA evidence but the problem is police can't match it up with anyone right now, and they're lacking the one thing that could break this case wide open, a key element that could end nearly a decade of frustrations.

"As far as we know there were no witnesses and that's what we need," said Spivey.

Local, state and federal investigators say they have put in countless hours and invested nearly a million dollars in the case.

Still, Tracie Hawlett's mother, Carol Roberts, told WSFA 12 News today that she is not satisfied with the investigation and does not believe investigators are doing all they can. The fact is no one has been captured, and the killer has remained one step ahead of detectives over the last 8 years and counting.

"I admit he's one step ahead but we're one step behind him," said Chief Spivey.

The families of both girls are planning a vigil tonight (Tuesday night)  in memory of Beasley and Hawlett.

Court TV plans to air a segment on the case on August 15th at 9 P.M.