Millers Ferry Bounces Back In Wilcox County After March Tornado

It's a new beginning for Jamie Wallace.

"I am so thankful we were spared," he said.

A new beginning at Millers Ferry on the Alabama River after a tornado destroyed his retirement home and snuffed out the life of his 48-year old neighbor.

"I didn't have time to be nervous," said Wallace.

Wallace could have easily been the second tornado fatality that day on March 1 but he and his wife made it to their storm shelter in the nick-of-time.

Among the 30 homes that were either destroyed or heavily damaged, Jamie Wallace's home was the first to be rebuilt, a transformation underway at Millers Ferry.  More new homes are under construction.

At 71 Jamie Wallace has seen a lot in his life time but nothing quite like what he saw on March 1. It's something he'll never forget.  Wallace and his wife were just 6 seconds away from dying.

"We wouldn't have survived. No question about it," he said.

Wallace spends his days now promoting the idea of residents having a tornado shelter.

Wallace spent 27 years in the media. As a former newspaperman and broadcaster, he's been an eyewitness to history. Now he has another story to tell; the story of surviving a wicked storm, losing a friend and starting over.