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White Hall Mayor Arrested

John Jackson has served as White Hall mayor since the town incorporated, but now the attorney general's office says he took advantage of that position.  "It is a political prosecution of the worst kind. The attorney general should be ashamed of himself," says Mayor Jackson's Attorney Julian McPhillips.

McPhillips calls the allegations unfounded.  He says, "We adamantly deny them."

Attorney General Troy King's Office issued an arrest warrant claiming the mayor stole more than $46,000 from the city. The documents allege Jackson sold property on behalf of the city, then deposited some of the money in his personal accounts. "He gets no salary. He has gone to great extents to help the town of White Hall," says McPhillips.

McPhillips says he and his client offered evidence that proves Jackson's innocence.  McPhillips says King's office refused to review it.  He says, "If the attorney general had bothered to ask for the information we had, he would have seen how unfounded he was and interested in the truth."  

Jackson is charged with one count of first-degree theft and one ethics violation count. If convicted, he'll face up to 20 years in prison. McPhillip called a press conference for Friday morning at nine to release more information.

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