Education Report: Adequate Yearly Progress Reports Released

So how well did your child's school perform last year? The State Department of Education released its progress reports on Monday.

Officials say the news is mostly positive. In fact Montgomery County is celebrating substantial improvement. More than 82 percent of schools in the state made their adequate yearly progress goals under the No Child Left Behind Act. Only 11 percent are on the school improvement list.

Schools can have anywhere from 5 to 37 goals. They have to make 100 percent of those goals to achieve adequate yearly progress. If a school doesn't make AYP for two years, it's put on the school improvement list, which takes at least two years to get off.

Here in Montgomery County, 23 schools came off school improvement list this year. E.D. Nixon spent eight years on the school improvement list, Mcintyre Middle seven and Mckee Junior High six, this year all three schools are in the clear.

MPS school accountability Director Vickie Holloway says there are many success stories within the district like Carver High School. It met 100% of its goals that's compared to 26% in 2006.

Carver Principal Gary Hall says the pressure is on to make AYP again this school year. to get his school off the needs improvement list.

Altogether 44 schools in the district made AYP, that's down a bit from 48 in 2006. Of the 13 schools that did not make all of their goals, Holloway said 6 missed AYP because of attendance.

While overall the news is good, Holloway says the district's goal is for every school to make the grade.

In Autauga County 10 out of 11 schools made AYP. Billingsley high missed by one goal and is the only school on the improvment list.

In Elmore County, four schools did not make AYP. Those are Holtville High, Stanhope Elmore, Millbrook Middle, and Wetumpka Intermediate. Those schools are on the school improvement list along with Wetumpka Junior High. It did make AYP but again needs two years in a row to come off the list.

Elmore County says it will appeal the Holtville High and Millbrook Middle results.

Any student whose school is title one and on the improvement list can chose to transfer.