'Don't Shoot' Campaign Targets Gun Violence

"Don't shoot!" That's the name of a new campaign in Montgomery aimed at curbing gun violence.

It was just over the weekend that a 3-year-old boy was caught in a gun battle and killed. Now, one Montgomery woman is saying enough is enough.

Her one-woman campaign starts with a T-shirt displaying a simple message -- "Don't shoot!

Barbara Mays is selling the shirt to raise money for her organization called OK Entertainment. OK stands for Opportunity Knocking.

Mays says she realizes a T-shirt won't put an end to the city's crime woes, but she hopes it makes people think.

She's also enlisting her granddaughter for help.

"Picking up a gun or fighting someone doesn't prove anything," said Tristiana Mays.

She's helping her mother's organization put together a new way to keep kids busy -- classes that teach the latest dance craze -- "crumping."

"Why not take you anger or frustrations out on a dance floor and have fun crumping?" Tristiana asked.

"So all the people who say there's nothing to do in Montgomery except ride around and kill one another, we're giving them the opportunity to come out and have fun," Barbara Mays explained.

Mays says it's also about getting parents more involved in their children's lives, which is why moms and dads are required to be present at those dance classes.

The classes start in mid September at the Armory Learning Arts Center in downtown Montgomery.

To sign up, or to buy a "Don't Shoot" T-shirt, call OK Entertainment at (334) 354-6229.

Reporter: Mark Bullock