Tire Recall Announced by AG

Attorney General Troy King is announcing a formal nationwide recall of 255,000 light truck radial tires manufactured by Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd., of Hangzhou, China, between early 2004 and mid-2006, which were imported by Foreign Tire Sales (FTS), Inc., of Union, N.J.

The brands subject to recall are Westlake, Compass and YKS.

According to FTS, the tires lack a "gum strip" -- a rubber strip between the steel belts -- making them susceptible to premature tread separation, which can cause serious accidents.

All the tires were sold as replacements and did not come on new vehicles.

Consumers should check their tires and return them as soon as possible to a retailer for free replacements.

To return the tires, consumers must fill out a claim form and bring it with them to a dealer. After confirming the tires are subject to recall, the retailer will provide free replacements.

"Because of important safety issues, consumers should take the extra precaution of checking their tires immediately, and returning them to retailers for free replacements if they are among the recall," advised Attorney General King.

"If consumers are unsure, they should drive to a tire dealer for an inspection.  The faster consumers and retailers act, the faster these potentially dangerous and defective tires will be off our roads."

Consumers can download the claims form from the FTS web site, www.foreigntire.com., or call toll-free 1-888-899-9293 and have the form mailed to them.

Consumers should check their tire sidewalls for the following information to determine whether their tires are being recalled:

Size                                         Models                                             Partial D.O.T Number

LT235/75R-15                       CR861, CR857                                   7DT5FTS...........

LT235/85R-16                       CR860, CR861, CR857                       7DT2FTS...........

LT245/75R-16                       CR860, CR861, CR857                       7DT3FTS...........

LT265/75R-16                       CR860, CR861, CR857                       7DT4FTS...........

LT31X10.5 R-15                    CR857, CR861                                   7DT6FTS...........