Editorial: Montgomery Mayor's Election

Editorial 8-20-07

As we prepare to vote next week on who we want to lead Montgomery for the next four years, let's take a minute to visualize what type of city we want to call home.

Seems a good place to start would be a city with people who are enthusiastic, energetic, bright, inclusive in their thinking and actions, passionate and compassionate.

We'd have leaders who care about what would be good for the entire city and envision future possibilities and plan for them.

Respect for one another would be paramount.

We would invite business, welcome newcomers, and keep our neighborhoods safe and clean.

We'd make it a great place to raise children.

We'd focus on quality education for all, community wellness and strong health care, and fair taxes.

We'd keep our roads and other transportation outlets first rate.

We'd support arts and entertainment, make decisions with a regional focus, and save money for emergency needs.

We'd be a community where as the hymn says - they would know we are Christians by our love.

Know that whoever leads us as mayor the next four years, we all need to do our part to make sure our capital city thrives.