Decision 2007: Election Officials Prepare Montgomery for Tuesday

It's one of the single most important aspects of a democracy.  This Tuesday, Montgomerians will exercise their right to vote.

County Elections Director Trey Granger has worked for months, getting each of the city's 44 polling stations ready to go.

"We have a delivery team that sets up these precincts with places for folks to vote," Granger said.

It's all part of a very secure process.   Election officials check equipment twice--even three times--to ensure the voting results stay accurate.

Their main priority, however, is tailoring to the needs of the voters.

The day is, after all, about them.

"We want people to be comfortable.  They can vote at their own pace. They can come to one of our cubbyholes here, sit down and take their time," Granger explained.

If you're disabled and have trouble using a pen to fill out your ballots, elections officials have set up computerized marking systems, which read direction through a set of headphones.  They also use touch screen technology to help you select each candidate on the ballot.

"We want them to come out and make sure they exercise their right to vote and be a part of democracy," Granger explained.

No matter which candidate you choose on election day, Granger says the process itself is worthy of your vote of confidence.

NOTE: To find out which voting station is in your area, please call the county's Election Center at (334) 832-7744.

Reported by:  Cody Holyoke