Mobile Built SuperFerry Causing Problems in Hawaii

HONOLULU (AP) - Not everyone is excited for the Alabama-built Hawaii Superferry that's begun shuttling passengers between the Hawaiian islands.

A dozen surfers temporarily kept it from docking on Kauai (kuh-WEYE') during its inaugural day Sunday, after an earlier uneventful run between Honolulu and the island of Maui.

The Superferry finally docked after an hour's delay when the Coast Guard cleared away the surfers.

Tickets for the first run quickly sold out at $5 a pop.

The huge catamaran ship holds 500 passengers and 150 cars, and the owners see it as an important option to planes as a way to connect the islands.

But environmentalists fear the twice-daily runs will run over whales, spread invasive species and pollute island waters.

Ferry opponents plan to be in court Monday to try to get an injunction to block any further runs.
The 349-foot vessel was built by Austal USA in Mobile.