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Editorial: Vote

Elected leaders serve us.

Makes sense for us to choose them.

Make it a priority to vote.

Who we select to lead us as mayor and on city council makes a difference in Montgomery's future.

Visionary, passionate and compassionate leadership and integrity should be qualities we look for when we vote.

We are the key to a strong democracy. Exercise your right to vote. Polls are open until 7pm Tuesday.

And thanks to all the candidates who want to serve us.

Contested races help shed light on issues and concerns.

Help solve those win or lose - remain involved.

And all of us should demand accountability from those we put in office.

Election season brings promises. Hold candidates to their promises.

To win the mayor's office without a run off election in October, a candidate will need 50% of the vote plus one.

Let's make sure we have at least that many of us voting.

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