Tuskegee Teacher is a Class Act

Ruth Jackson teaches mathematics at Booker T. Washington high school in Tuskegee. Students say she goes the extra mile to help them learn. "She explains everything that you need to know and if you need any help or anything in math, just go to her, ask her she'll help you out," says 12th grader Tejay Powell.

Mrs. Jackson spent the first two decades of her career in science, then switched to math when the school need her there more. Her name is synonymous with dedication. Interim principal Leila Rabon says, "she works with the students that are part of the key club, she works annually with our student body association and she works with the coronation every year."

Students say her leadership of these clubs, helps them grow, "because it makes them well rounded students. They're good outside of their academics, they learn to get along well with others and work with people outside of the classroom," explains 12th grader Chantelle Morgan.

Jackson says today's students are different from 37 years ago, but her strategy for reaching them is still intact. "Everybody can learn, your pace or rate of learning may be a little different; but each student can learn something. And I kind of work with them individually and let them use their own little pace; and then we do group interacting activities," she says.

Jackson served as treasurer of the Alabama Science Teacher Association. She's also volunteered with the Girl Scouts and for the Red Cross.