Pike Road Legal Dispute Continues

One Montgomery County Commissioner described it as a fight between two children.  The dispute going on between the City of Montgomery and the town of Pike Road.  The commission says the county is acting as the parent. They're squabbling over land around the new Home Depot store at Chantilly Parkway. The county now wants to renege on its agreement that gave Pike Road parts of Ryan Road and some adjacent railroad property necessary for Pike Road to annex the land around Home Depot.  The commission's attorney says the deed describes the county ownership as only that land "adjoining and parallel to the railroad tracks" not the actual property.

County Commission Attorney Tyrone Means says, "then there's the part that kind of meanders off to the right. And that's the part that's behind the home depot. And that's the part that there is a question as to whether or not there is a deed that the county owns the property." The attorney for the town of Pike Road, Doyle Fuller says there are other deeds to show county ownership of Ryan Road. Besides he says the county has cared for and maintained that road for more than the 20 years the law requires to claim ownership. The matter appears to be headed to court.