Fugitive on the Run Caught in Montgomery

He went on the run, accused of murder in the nation's biggest city. Then, the man who called himself Rashad Hamid built a life in Montgomery hoping no one would learn of his past. All that came to an end during a chance encounter with a sharp-eyed state driver's license examiner. Now Hamid is behind bars, under his real name facing some real serious charges.    Everyone in Alabama knew him as Ra shad Hamid, a man who worked at Rheem, had married a local woman, and the illusion worked for 16 years, until last Friday afternoon.

Hamid went to the Alabama Driver's License office hoping to get a state ID card.  When the man stood before license examiner Dorothy Porrs, she took his paperwork, looked closely, and realized something. "The documents proved to be fraudulent, " says Sgt. Sylvester Martin.  That's when the carefully built identity crumbled in an instant. The man's real name is Derrick Lloyd, and he's wanted in New York city for two felony murder counts and another pair of robbery warrants. What's most interesting is that police believe he's lived here since 1992. In that time Lloyd has appeared three times on America's Most Wanted, and yet.    Sgt. Martin says there was nothing to indicate he was wanted in New York or any other state. The show's website says New York police wanted Lloyd for shooting a man point blank in the face on New Year's day 1991. He had just left prison after serving seven years on another killing. Somehow, Lloyd got an Alabama driver's license, but the social security numbers didn't match, so the state required him to see an examiner before he could renew it. That's when he handed over the phony documents, and from there, his fingerprints went to the nationwide criminal computer system.

Troopers say when they tried to arrest Lloyd, he fought not one but three officers and tried to escape. As a result, he's now charged with resisting arrest and possessing forged documents. And there's a lesson here for people who wait in line for their driver's license: sgt martin says one reason it takes a little longer is because of the same background check they did on derrick Lloyd...which he says took a dangerous man off the street.

Derrick Lloyd is in the Montgomery County Jail tonight with no bond. New York authorities say they'll file extradition papers on Lloyd. If he fights that process, it will probably take about a month before he'll leave Alabama to face those 19 year old murder charges.