Editorial: Viewer Feedback

A recent editorial envisioning what type of city we want to call home brought two email responses.

George Olsson wrote: "If I were Jewish, Muslim or any other non-Christian belief I would be thoroughly insulted by your editorial..."

Don Cowden wrote "You stated as one of the traits Montgomery needs to project has to do with 'they would know we are Christians by our love'....know that we Jews are capable of love too."

Certainly that is true. The intent of the statement was for all of us to treat one another as we would like to be treated.

If we do that, we would go a long way to curb some of the crime in our region and would be a more embracing and inclusive community with people who are genuine in their words and deeds.

Christians and non-Christians can reflect all of those qualities and more!

Thanks for calling our attention to this oversight!