Laser Toning & Laser collagen acceleration (TITAN)

The newest advance in laser technology gently stimulates collagen beneath the skin's surface, producing noticeable lifting and tightening without surgery.

For those who want to avoid lifestyle interruptions, Laser Toning provides substantial, noticeable results in treating:

  • Wrinkles , including crow's feet, around the lips, smile lines, etc.
  • Acne scars
  • Sagging
  • Stretch marks
  • Enlarged pores

The newest advance in laser technology, Laser Toning is FDA-approved for all skin types to reduce wrinkles. It is virtually painless, and there is no downtime whatsoever. You can go right back to work or play. Laser Toning stimulates collagen beneath the epidermis which creates smoother, softer skin.

Laser pulses are applied in a series of gentle pulses over the desired area. Photons of laser energy pass through the epidermis and are absorbed in the layers of skin where collagen is produced. This triggers a repair mechanism, and your face/body begins to rebuild and replenish your own natural collagen. The new collagen growth improves and softens the appearance of scars, smile lines, sagging, and stretch marks, all from the inside out. Wrinkles, sagging, and down-turned corners of your lips noticeably improve. Smile lines are diminished. Lips are made fuller. Acne scars are dramatically improved. Enlarged pores shrink. All without surgery, injections, or recovery time! As your collagen is enhanced your skin begins to look softer and smoother in skin tone and texture, taking years off of your appearance.

How many treatments does Laser Toning take?

Treatments are typically done in a series of 5 treatments, spaced 2-3 weeks apart. Pigment imperfections, such as facial veins, redness, dark circles and Rosacea will begin to improve immediately. New collagen growth typically takes 4-6 weeks from the 1st treatment, so a patient will generally be on their 3rd treatment when they begin to see improvement. With time, the results of the treatments will be a fresh, young layer of the patient's natural collagen. After the initial series, patients may want to have a single "tune-up" treatment once a year, and have another series in 3-5 years when lifestyle, gravity, time and the elements take their effect. Any part of the body (scars, stretch marks, etc,) may be treated.

Do I have to have my whole face treated?

No. A full face treatment is necessary for a "laser lift," but Dermacare offers "a la carte" treatments for crow's feet, forehead lines, "smoker's wrinkles" above the lips, labial fold smile lines, acne scars, lip enhancement, dark under eye circles, port-wine stains, and hemangionas. Stretch marks, acne scars, and most pigment imperfections can be treated on any body part.

Am I a good candidate for laser toning?

The best course of action is to come to Dermacare for a free consultation so our well-trained professionals can address your individual concerns, and be very candid as to what results you can expect. Some patients will have too much sagging or under-eye bags that will require a more aggressive treatment such as plastic surgery to achieve the desired result. Our philosophy is to under-promise and over-deliver. We are absolutely committed to total customer satisfaction.

Buyer Beware

There is a great deal of medical equipment being sold and used that promises to stimulate collagen production - very few are effective. Many lasers produce little or no result yet are quite prevalent. As a consumer you must be well informed prior to choosing a facility and be aware of the age and effectiveness of the equipment being utilized as well as the training, experience, and proficiency of the provider.