Montgomery Auctions Maxwell Heights

The city of Montgomery auctioned off the west side housing subdivision known as Maxwell Heights Thursday.  32 bidders showed up for the auction.

City Development Director Ken Groves said, "We would like to see some good positive use for it."

It came down to a bidding war between two people.  Cassandra Sheppard had the top bid of $290,000.

The property, vandalized and run down, doesn't look like much now, but Sheppard says she has a vision. She tells WSFA 12 News, "A year or two years from now, it will be totally different."

The city says it's a win-win.

"The best thing is this property now goes back into the tax base and we get property taxes off of it," said Groves.

Sheppard plans to turn Maxwell Heights into rental property. She says she has renovated property before, but nothing this large.

The city says the money from the sale will go into the general fund budget. They plan to close the deal in 30 days.