Community Helps Mayor After House Fire

Mayor Frank Tew's residence after a fire destroyed the home.
Mayor Frank Tew's residence after a fire destroyed the home.

When Notasulga mayor Frank Tew's house went up in flames, almost everything inside was lost--including the family's three dogs.

"One of them was due to have puppies today or tomorrow, and its unreal that we lost them like that," Tew explained.

The small town of 950 residents sprang into action, delivering food and clothes.  Many people offered temporary housing for the mayor and his wife.

"We could've stayed in 50 different places last night," Tew said.

Friends came to comfort the couple.

"I gave him my strength.  I said, 'I'm here for you,'" explained Notasulga resident and friend Buster McGinty.

The day after the fire, friends helped wire air conditioning to the adjacent barn, where the Tews will stay until they can figure out what happens to their century-old home.

That's a decision that's going to take a little time.

"We really don't know what we're going do as far as rebuilding," Tew explained.

Parts of the house simply can't be salvage, and it would take close to six months for a new structure to replace the charred remains of the home.

However, Mayor Tew has no doubt that community members will be by his side through the process of building back up.

"The people coming to see me now will be right here when I need them," he said.

The residents of this small town say they have big hearts for the welfare of their community.

Reporter: Cody Holyoke