Suspect Flees After Creating Forged Instrument

When it comes to bad money Investigator Mike Stewart generally studies suspects who write bad checks, steal merchandise or make transactions under a false identity.

But this week's suspect doesn't fall under any of these catagories.

Alexandria Denae Taylor along with her daughter and cousin racked up a $397 grocery bill at the Wetumpka Winn Dixie.

When Taylor handed over the raised some eyebrows.

Investigator Mike Stewart, "You can see on the check that she's gone over her signature twice as well as giving a bad drivers license."

Aside from the bad driver's license number her signature was so big it dipped into the several of the check's account numbers, which were later erased.

When account numbers are erased or modified the checked automatically becomes a forged document.

Stewart says, "We also know that Ms Taylor has been passing quite a few of these checks and we know from the lady we talked too that she's been doing quite a bit of shopping lately."

After Taylor presented the check, the cashier called the manager, who then took the check to another manager.

As the check changed hands, authories say Taylor got nervous, so she took the opportunity to run.

Leaving behind the forged instument, a shopping cart full of groceries, and most of all her authentic driver's license.

Wetumpka Investigators say Alexandria Denae Taylor is possibly living in a hotel in Montgomery.

If you know Taylor or where she can be found please call CrimeStoppers at  (334) 215 STOP.