Bob Howell's Closing Thoughts On Crime From Special Report

Finally, a couple of thoughts looking back on our special report.

There is no quick solution to the problem of crime in Montgomery and to return control of neighborhoods.

In fact, there is no one solution. Whether it is more officers on the streets, harsher - longer sentences, more prisons, or intervention programs. What we need in our community is synergy, where we become an force that is bigger and stronger than the sum of its individual parts. We need communication to reduce duplication of efforts and to spread the word about the possibilities.

We need cooperation between public, private and government entities. We need education, teaching our vulnerable young people about the positive possibilities for their lives.

We need inspiration, calling on a higher power to guide our efforts. And in closing, I can assure you, WSFA 12 News is committed to following through on the issues raised in our live forum  work as a facilitator in the process. I hope you'll join us in this effort.