Historic Announcement at Maxwell Air Force Base

There was a big announcement at Maxwell Air Force base on Thursday that includes elements of the old World War two Air Force and the new Air Force fighting in the Mideast.

The chief of staff of the Air Force came to the base Thursday to make the announcment.

The Air Force says it could mean up to 150 people coming to the 187th fighter wing at Dannely Field. As part of that announcement, the Air Force decided to reactivate a fighter squadron with an Alabama history.

Chief of Staff General Michael Mosesley declared the 100th fighter squadron back in business as part of the Dannelly detachment.

In World War two, the 100th was known as the red tails, because of the paint scheme on their plane's vertical stabilizer.

This is also the World War two squadron associated with the Tuskegee airmen.

It means Dannelly will get six new F-16's to deploy with the 187th.

The Air Force says that will help with combat readiness and unit support.

For the city, it means more pilots, more support personnel and more families coming to live here.

The 187th will have the ability to draw some airmen from other air national guard and active duty units in four states.