Covering Elmore County: Gunmen Invade Wetumpka Home, Shots Fired

"The bullets penetrated 3 walls and stopped right there," said Wetumpka Police Sgt. Gary Edwards pointing the damage outside the mobile home.

Violence shattered the quiet night for 76-year-old Jeremiah Buycks and his 74-year-old sister Helen Holyfield off McCain Road in Wetumpka. Both were inside when it all started at the front door.

"These are pry marks. They attempted to pry open but figured they could just kick the door in," Edwards said.

Once the suspects got in they ordered Holyfield and Buycks to the floor.

"They were all wearing masks and demanded money," Edwards said.

And because the three men had their faces covered, the brother and sister couldn't really get a good look at them. The criminals ended up not getting any money but fled with the man's credit and medical cards. So far there is no evidence the suspects even knew the couple.

"You can't really stop random crimes. A lot of times they'll pick areas that are secluded," said Edwards.

In all the gunmen fired 7 shots and the reign of terror inside the mobile home went on for a good, solid 10 minutes.

"I don't think they came here with the intention of hurting anyone. They just wanted money," said Edwards.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Sgt. Edwards puts the difficulty of solving the case at 8. Afterall the victims did not see faces, the police file on the crime is awfully thin and in terms of hard evidence, investigators only have fragments of the bullets used in the shooting, probably a 9 millimeter, according to Edwards.

"I'm optimistic," Edwards said.

Optimistic the men will trip themselves by talking about their crimes which authorities say they often do.

So far this year Wetumpka has had 3 home invasions. Two of them have been solved with one more to go.

If you have any information that could be help to Wetumpka Police, call the Secret Witness Line at 567-1336.