Local Congressmen Share Opinions on Iraq

Its' an issue that has Congress split down party lines.

Thursday night, President Bush outlined a withdrawal of troops that would send 5,700 soldiers home by Christmas.

He asked Congress for their support of the war in Iraq.

"Let us come together in a policy of strength in the Middle East," Bush said.

A majority of Democrats disagree with the President's conclusions, citing recent testimony from General David Petraeus that the war may not be protecting Americans at home.

"If the commander can't even tell us it's keeping our country safer, then why are our soldiers over there?" asked Representative Artur Davis.

"Our soldiers shouldn't be over there to referee a civil war between two sets of folks that have hated each other for centuries," he continued.

Most Republicans, however, stand behind the President's speech and the mention of "return on success," attributing recent achievements to a surge in troop levels.

"Leaving right now, particularly in a very swift matter, paints a picture that's much worse," said Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers.

Davis disagrees, saying Iraq is out of US hands.

"We've done any work there that we had to do," he said.  "Now, we ought to be focused 100%on finding and killing Bin Laden, and finding and killing Al Queda operatives and destroying Al Queda."

Both Congressmen expressed two very different opinions--down party lines.

Congressman Davis says U.S. forces need to leave and that the President is not bringing enough troops home.

Congressman Rogers, on the other hand, holds firm to the idea that the US needs to stabilize the Iraqi government first--and that the additional soldiers are helping to do just that.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke