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Humberto Brings Rain, Crops Remain Troubled

The rain is back.

Welcomed in Alabama after a long period of drought, Humberto brought water to a region that desperately needed attention.

"We're extremely grateful for what we're getting," said Perry Mobley of ALFA Farmer's Federation.

Mobley works with Alabama farmers every day.

He says the heat and lack of rain put a drastic dent in crop production throughout the state.

"We've got producers in North Alabama that are actually baling soybeans up for hay because they're not making pods for soybeans," Mobley explained.

Although the rain may help improve the looks of front yards, it's not nearly enough to offset the damage to the state's agricultural sector.

"These rains serve well to green up things, as long as we have adequate temperatures, but we're not growing a whole lot," Mobley said.

Much needed growth that just won't happen with the current conditions.

"We're still a long way from long term relief," he explained.


Reporter:  Cody Holyoke

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