Alabama Attorney General Refuses To Apologize To District Attorneys

"We make no apology," said Alabama Attorney General Troy King.

More bad blood between King and the Alabama Association of District Attorneys. On Monday more than 30 district attorneys supported embattled Shelby County D.A. Robby Owens. Owens says a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling says juveniles can't be put to death for their crimes. In this case, Owens testified to have a 16-year old killer's death sentenced removed to life without parole and he is supporting defense attorneys who want the same for the teen's accomplice who was 18 at the time.

"LaSamuel Gamble has been convicted of murdering 3 people in cold blood. Owens says that Gamble cannot be put to death because his accomplice cannot be put to death. But when determining a defendant's punishment, a court cannot consider his accomplice's sentence. That is not my opinion. That is the law, and it has been the law in Alabama for 25 years," said Mr. King.

Two days ago Owens himself surrounded by district attorneys on the Alabama Statehouse steps said King doesn't understand all of this because of 'King's lack of courtroom experience.' King says that's not the issue.

"I take my stand with the law and with the victims of crime. There is still right and there is still wrong," King said.

The attorney general's office says it has already filed a notice of appeal to the Criminal Court of Appeals.  The court has not set a date for that hearing.