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Guest Editorial: Bullying

Bullying and Your Teenager
Children are full of ideas, new expressions and can be the most violent of teasers. They taunt each other for fun, jump on each other because they think it's funny and when it suits them, they pick fights over the smallest of issues.
It's time for this to STOP. It's neither cute nor is it funny. It starts as early as Elementary School but gets worse in Junior High and at this age can scar a child emotionally for life. Many become victims and HATE to go to school, make themselves emotionally and physically sick and even become bullyiers themselves as a defense.
To every parent within the sound of my voice...sit down with your child this evening and ask about things that happen at school. Take notes. Ask them daily about their experiences - good and bad. If your child is the victim then you and the principal need to have a chat. If your child is the perputrator - then it's time for you and your child to come to grips with WHY they make life hard for others and disrupt classes. It's time for correction by YOU.

Rose McCall

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