Man Saves Child from Deadly Fire

The fire started around 1:00 Friday afternoon.

Flames billowed out of a small house in Montgomery's New Town community.

"The fire was so hot, you could feel it across the street," witness Jemal Swain said.

Swain saw the blaze and rushed to help.

A woman reportedly ran out of the building and told Swain she had two children still inside.

Jemal and a friend tried kicking in the back door.  After that proved unsuccessful, he moved to a side window, still working to enter the burning house.

"We jerked and jerked and jerked on the air conditioner.  We couldn't get it to come out this way, so we had to push it in the window," Swain explained.

On the other side of the glass, they found a young girl on a bed.

She was unconscious, but still alive.

Sadly, a young boy in the front of the house died.

However, the situation could have been much worse.   Still, Swain wishes more could be done.

"We did save the one little girl.  Her mom's all right, but I just hate that we couldn't get over there and save the baby before [he] burned," Swain said.

Authorities have not yet released the name of the young boy that perished in the fire.

Reporter: Cody Holyoke