Residents React to Prattville Shooting

Police say William Anthony Moses of Prattville fired at an officer Friday night.
Police say William Anthony Moses of Prattville fired at an officer Friday night.

Prattville is Montgomery's blossoming next door neighbor, booming with business and positive growth.

When multiple squad cars eveloped a crime scene at one of the town's shopping malls, its citizens became concerned.

"It's just unbelievable.  Strange," explained Prattville resident Linda Huffman.

Huffman grew up in prattville, her home for the last 52 years.

When she heard of the Friday night shootout between William Anthony Moses and Prattville Police officers, she didn't know what to think.

"Nothing like this happens in Prattville. Normally, in Montgomery it's common, and you hear about it every day, but Prattville is such a nice, quiet town.  It's just unbelievable," Huffman said.

"Our police department met a challenge last night, and met it successfully," explained Mayor Jim Byard.

Byard says the situation was simply unpredictable.  Nobody knew the man had a gun.  Only a clerk, who called police, realized the situation of the woman that entered the store with moses.

Byard says the location of the crime means nothing.

"It just proves that domestic violence knows no address, that it can happen anywhere," he said.

Luckily, police were able to control the situation.  Moses was the only one injured--from what witnesses say was his own bullet.   Byard says the town is--all things considered--very lucky.

"I feel like we're blessed because there's nobody in the law enforcement community that was hurt," he explained.

Investigators still haven't released the name of the officer who fired at Moses or the name of the woman, since aspects of this case deal with domestic violence.

The sister of the victim tells WSFA 12 News the woman's two children--originally reported as missing--are safe and sound in Talladega County with their father.

The victim, questioned by investigators until early Saturday morning, is shaken, but unharmed, she says.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke