United Way Agencies Ask for Donations

Chris Henderson runs Montgomery's Children's Center, a public school and non-profit organization that helps teach children with disabilities.

The cost of running the school is partially covered by local government, but the rest comes from donations from charities like the United Way.

"We are able to give ultimate learning opportunities for our children that we are not able to do without that support," Henderson explained.

With the steep costs of new equipment and learning tools, the center relies heavily on outside support.

Will Sellers of the River Region United Way says that's exactly what he's trying to give with this years campaign.

"We're meeting with companies, meeting with employees, and the campaign is really going great," Sellers said.  Sellers is the Vice Chairman of this year's campaign.

Launched in August, United Way's fundraising drive hopes to earn $6,000,000 by the end of November.

The organization funds 48 separate agencies, including the Children's Center of Montgomery.

The donations from the public, he says, are very important.

"It has a substantial impact on these agencies. It's critical," Sellers said.

Henderson agrees.  Without the right amount of funding, the center can't properly help its students.

"It's not like buying a textbook.  We need that money to help children to become mobile, to help them to communicate," she said.

With two months left to go in the campaign, charity officials stand determined.

"We need to help them meet those costs so they can serve the people that need it the most," he said.

The River Region United Way has collected just above 40% of its goal so far this year.

Reporter:  Cody Holyoke