Daniels Faces Maximum Ten Years if Convicted

Authorities say 20-year-old Juan Daniels might not get out of jail for another ten years if convicted.

That's the maximum sentence for felony animal cruelty.

Authorities found him on the campus of the University of Alabama, more than a hundred miles away, presumably staying with friends.

Bob Wood of the U.S. Marshal's office says, "It appears to me he was up there so he wouldn't get caught down here because he know that he was wanted."

Wood says interviews with aquaintences led them to Tuscaloosa.

His team usually searches for suspects accused of violent crimes against humans, but this time, made an exception.

"Here we have a victim of a violent crime who was assaulted with a shovel and set on fire," Wood says, "It just so happens this victim is an animal, a four-legged animal.

Montgomery Humane Society Director Lea Turber is breathing a sigh of relief.

"This person is off the streets. He cannot hurt anymore animals," she says.

Montgomery Humane Society officials were glad to hear of the arrest.

In the meantime, they say Louis is recovering well.

Vets caring for Louis have begun laser treatment to help heal his burns and every day, he's getting better.

Still, Turbert says Louis is regaining some normalcy.

Though it walks in a sideways motion because of the burns, this tailwagging pooch is starting to do other typical things like rooting around in the trash and eating.