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Editorial: Reading Initiative

Alabama's Reading Initiative should be expanded beyond third grade.

The state scored big in the national report card for education progress this year - leading the nation in improvement.  And Montgomery County scored in the top 15% in the state!

Alabama gained eight points from the last test two years ago in fourth grade reading.   Next closest was Georgia, Florida and Massachusetts .  They each gained five points.  The national average was a three point increase.

That's real proof that the reading initiative in grades kindergarten through third grade now in all schools statewide is working.

Thanks to all of the teachers, students, principals, and reading specialists who have helped make this a model program for the nation!

 The Alabama Math, Science, and Technology initiative also is working and should be expanded beyond the one quarter of the Alabama public schools it is currently being used.

Fourth grade math scores tied for third highest in the nation in improvement.

Overall, the state still trails the national average in both fourth and eighth grade reading and math.

Fourth grade math scores were 10 points lower than the national average and eighth grade math scores were 14 points lower.

Fourth grade reading scores were four points below the national average and eighth grade math scores were nine points lower.

Much work remains to be done to surpass the national average.

Expanding the reading initiative and math, science, and technology initiative will help make sure the huge improvement Alabama showed this year continues!     

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