Burned Dog "Louis" Doing Much Better; Appears On WSFA 12 News Alabama Live!

He is the talk of the town, Louis, the pitt bull, is making a surprising recovery after a shocking ordeal.

Louis and his caretakers appeared Wednesday morning on 'Alabama Live.' It is true, the strides he is making are amazing. You will recall, Louis was beaten and set on fire, allegedly by his owner.

He was the guest of honor on Alabama Live.  Louis Vuitton, named for the famous fashion designer, is finally getting his looks back.

Veterinarian Hollady Simmons says his recovery has been extraordinary. She says, "You can look at him and tell." Simmons credits laser treatments for the turn-around. She says, "Now we have got healthy new tissue, scar tissue growing in, little pieces of hair. And his attitude has just been great. So his progress has just been amazing."

Louis' owner, 20-year-old Juan Daniels is charged with felony animal cruelty for beating the dog and setting it dog on fire, September 7th. His first court appearance is set for Thursday.

While Louis is an extreme case of animal abuse, he is by no means the only one at Montgomery's animal shelter. Steven Tears is with the Montgomery Humane Society. He says, "We have a place in our shelter for court cases and right now we have ten runs full of dogs that are there because of a abuse cases."  The humane society is constantly caring for animals whose owners simply don't care, which is why they say publicizing Louis' case is so important.

The humane society says if you notice any signs of animal abuse or neglect in your neighborhood call someone immediately. For more information about animal abuse or to help play Louis' medical bills, which are expected to go as high as 10-thousand dollars log on to www.montgomeryhumane.com.