Maxwell's 908th Named Best Manned Unit

You can see them over the skies of Central Alabama all the time: Air Force members training for combat.

Now, with new recruitment numbers at record highs, you'll be seeing them a whole lot more.

Maxwell Air Force Base's 908th Airlift Wing contributed to the 8,000 airmen recruited this year to the Air Force Reserve.

With 117% of their recruitment goal, commanders are happy to take in the extra recruits.

"When another part of the country has low numbers, the people of Alabama have stepped up," said Colonel Michael J. Underkofler, the 908th's commander.

It's an intense job to take on.

Instead of the usual one weekend a month and two weeks per year, the citizen airmen of the 908th spend--on average--over 120 days on the job, filling all kinds of positions in the Air Force Reserve.

"They're firefighters, nurses, policemen, civil engineers, pilots, navigators, load masters, everything that makes an Air Force base run."

With the extra number of Alabamians eager to protect their country, commanders say the 908th will continue to thrive.