Fire Victim Laid to Rest

Saturday, two ribbons hung in front of the remains of a house on Montgomery's French Street.

Just eight days before, the building erupted in flames, killing seventeen month old Kamarion Williams.   Luckily, his mother and older sister were saved.

That doesn't make the loss any easier.

"We're trying to hold them together with the word of the lord," said Herman Thorinton, cousin to the victim.

Thorinton and his family have dealt with so much in the past week.  His cousin Kayla lost her house and her little boy.

Without outside support from the community, he says, things would be much worse.

The family is thankful for what the community as a whole has done--for what the city Montgomery has done for this family," Thorinton explained.

Thorinton helped set up a memorial fund in Kamarion's name, hoping to support the family and bring them out of dark times.

"It would help them get a new home. Clothing, food, would supply most of their needs. Put her back on her feet to get started all over again," explained Julia Bennett, CEO of 'An Justice for All.  Bennett helped create the fund.

Since the house wasn't insured, Kayla Williams and her kids have to stay with family.  Relatives say they're prepared for the long haul.

"We have a strong family that, in times of need, will just stash in, and do whatever it is we can," Thorinton said.

To donate to the Kamarion Williams Fund, visit any Wachovia Bank in Montgomery.