Montgomery County Passes Budget - Montgomery Alabama news.

Montgomery County Passes Budget

Montgomery County now has a new budget that goes into effect Monday.

The new budget will be $102 million.

That's about five percent more than 2006.

Thirty percent of that money will go to public safety including the Sheriff's office, the juvenile detention facility and the new jail that's still under construction.

County Commision Chairman Todd Strange says, " What people don't really understand is in Montgomery County any person that's locked up for committing something above a misdemeanor meaning a felony, whether it's in the city of the county, ends up in the county detention facility. So, we're in the midst of that $55 million construction which is a tragedy that we have to do that. We're got a 170 people today that are not in our jail but farmed out to other counties."

The new budget also includes a four percent pay scale adjustment for county employees and a  two percent adjustment for retirees.

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