Covering Macon County: Tuskegee Town Hall Meeting on Medical Facilities

When it comes to medical care, Macon County officials say they need local facilities.  Monday night the city of Tuskegee held a town hall meeting to discuss urgent medical care in the area.  Currently, the neither the city nor county has an urgent care facility or hospital.  Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford says it's important for all residents to unite around the plan.

According to the mayor, over 22,000 residents of Macon County must travel across county lines to receive appropriate urgent care, emergency services and inpatient care.  A recent attempt to establish primary and urgent care services at a newly constructed $3.8 million facility in Tuskegee was discontinued in August, 2006.  Today, that facility remains closed.

The Tuskegee Hospital Feasibility and Community Health Access Study sets forth several recommendations for increasing access to preventive, primary and urgent care services in Tuskegee and Macon County.  It describes the foundational requirements for more comprehensive medicare and the examination of a critical access hospital.

Mayor Johnny Ford is asking all residents to unite behind this study.