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Editorial: Viewer Feedback

Our guest editorial on Bullying generated several e-mails.

One viewer wrote:

"My daughter experienced bullying last year at her school. ..I had to take her out of school one day so she would have peace one day. All that happened her 7th grade year, she is now in the 8th. Hopefully nothing like that happens this year."

Another viewer wrote:

"This is a topic that definitely needs to be discussed. The only thing missing in your editorial was about leaders, (such as teachers), who are guilty of similar verbal bullying abuse of students and who also get bullied by students themselves."

Regarding our editorial on curbing crime, Phillip Parker e-mailed:

"I see a lot of ads about home security companies....all this security wouldn't be needed as much if parents in the homes took care of these problems or problem kids in their homes....I had an opportunity to go into a prison...it sent a strong message. Try it some time and see how it makes you feel. Those who have never been inside these places will get a better understanding about what parents, ministers and others are telling them."

And concerning our editorial on expanding Alabama's reading initiative beyond third grade, Debbie Key e-mailed: "It was particularly important to us that you recognized the work of the teachers and their students! They are the stars and deserve the recognition. They are the ones who make it work."

Please keep your feedback coming.

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