Lowndes County Family Asks Public's Help in Possible Murder Case

A Lowndes County family is still searching for closure after more than a year of mourning following the death of their youngest brother and son.

The McCurdy family says someone killed 42 year old Jeff McCurdy on the family farm last summer.

Now, armed with information they say proves foul play, the family is offering a reward for information leading to the killer's arrest and conviction.

Jed McCurdy is straightforward about the family's deepest wish.

"We'd like to bring closure to this as soon as possible," he said.

It's one of the toughest things the three surviving McCurdy brothers thought they'd ever do - ask the public for help in finding whoever killed their brother Jeff.

"He enjoyed, just enjoyed life, and everybody thought a lot of Jeff," the eldest McCurdy brother said.

The family says Jeff McCurdy worked their family cattle and hay farm on his own, lived with his mother, and made few, if any enemies.

Which is why when they found him in a field late in the evening of August 24th, 2006, they couldn't figure out what might have happened.

"He was unconcious when we found him and did get him in an ambulance and took him to the hospital," said Jed McCurdy.

McCurdy died from kidney failure a couple days later.

Lowndes County sheriff's deputies and the ABI both looked into the case. The state performed an autopsy on McCurdy's body. None of the lawmen will say what it revealed, but the family says it's enough to show someone intended to hurt McCurdy.

"From the autopsy, yes, there are some things there," McCurdy said.

So now, the family is offering ten thousand dollars for any information to find whoever might have killed Jeff McCurdy. Lowndes County deputies say they have few leads.

Lowndes County Investigator Lenny Lee says it's not from effort.

"The leads that we did have, we have looked into them, and so far, they haven't turned up much," said Lee.

The family holds on to one lingering hope for a break in the case.

At least two people saw Jeff McCurdy talking with someone driving a white pickup truck while parked on a nearby dirt road.  That was hours before he collapsed in the field.

Officers say the other driver probably isn't a suspect but someone who might provide the next lead to track down.

The family says they have spoken with both people who saw Jeff McCurdy talking to the pickup driver. Neither witness could agree on the make of the truck nor on a description of the person inside.

The family and lawmen both say going to the media and appealing to the public directly is one of their last hopes.

The family asks if you have any information that you call the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office at 548-2597.

Again, the family is offering a ten thousand dollar reward.